Mike Mahon’s Pastel Porter™ will help you discover
TWO SECRETS of successful and pleasurable painting:

1. Being prepared in your painting process
2. Being prepared in the handling of your materials

Mike teaches a proven step-by-step painting process,
based on seven classic painting principles.
His process applies to every painting medium and experience level.

Please call or visit Mike’s website for current workshop locations.

Cell 505-795-4639, Studio 505-473-1098

• Sticks of virtually any size from the smallest hards to the thickest soft pastels are held firmly and securely in expandable foam slots that adjust to varying thicknesses.
• Pastels are automatically cleaned each time they are inserted or removed from the individual foam slots.
• As with Mike Mahon’s Pastel Porter™, extra table space is not required. Since pastels that are in use can be half-way inserted back into slots, the artist can keep track of the particular palette of colors being used.

Some components of Mike Mahon’s Pastel Porter™, and the Jumbo Dual-Sided Pastel Boxmay vary slightly from the photographic representations due to improvements, availability of parts, and aesthetics.

* Pastels are not included
Pastel Porter
Storage / Plein Air Boxes
(Not included in Complete Studio)
3 Dual-Sided Pastel Boxes

• These boxes are of high quality hard wood construction with two latches, handle (except Jumbo Mini™), shoulder strap, and a piano hinge.
• Each Box contains foam pads with die cut pastel slots, which can hold 1 or more pastel sticks per slot in an organized, compact
selection that rivals any other pastel box. Half sticks allow a maximum number of pastels and a reduced weight.
The ideal pastel is 1 3/8 " or less in length.
The pastels are automatically cleaned each time they are used.
• When the box is closed a separate 1/4” sheet of foam separates the top and bottom sections of the box.
These Jumbo Pastel Boxes can be used for extra pastels in conjunction with Mike Mahon's Pastel Porter IIor in the studio. They work great for safely carrying your pastels and opened up flat on Julian and other traditional easels.

Mike Mahon's
Pastel PorterII
Plein Air Specialist
Ultra Light Weight

The Pastel Porter™ II

box has a capacity of up to 300 pastels. It may be used with any standard tripod with a 1/4" head.

The Pastel Porter™ II comes with a 20” bungee cord, aluminum pastel tray, and shoulder strap. The recommened 3/16” foam core or Gatorboard™ is not included. 16x”x20” or 18”x24” board may be used horizontally or vertically. Pre-textured pastel boards also work very well.

Foam Pads
These foam pads are custom made for an ideal balance of softness and toughness to hold your pastels firmly but safely. Each pad has 90 star punched slots each of which will hold one or more hard pastels or expand to hold even the larger square and round soft pastels. Each pad is 4 5/8”x14”x1 1/4” and will fit in any Pastel Porter™ box.

The necessary number of foam pads is included in any
Pastel Porter™ system or box but the pads
may be also ordered separately if desired.

The number of pads required for each
box in the
Pastel Porter™ line
is the following:

3 - Original Pastel Porter™
3 - Pastel Porter™ II
6 - Jumbo Pastel Box™
4 - Jumbo Junior Pastel Box™
2 - Jumbo Mini Pastel Box™

$20.00 each
• Size: 14.75” x 14.75” x 3.25”
• Contains 540 pastel slots, &
can hold 600 pastel sticks.
• Weight: 3 lbs.
• Size: 14.75” x 10” x 3.25”
• Contains 360 pastel slots,
& can hold 400 pastel sticks.
• Weight: 2.4 lbs.

• Size: 14.75” x 5.5” x 3.25”
• Contains 180 pastel slots & can hold 200 pastel sticks.
• Weight: 1.7 lbs.

The Pastel Porter II works best with the Tripod/Easel available from us, but it will work well with any good tripod with the standard 1/4" head.

Tripod Easel

Item: pp-tripod-easel
Even though virtually any standard camera tripod works with the Pastel Porter™ II this Tripod-Easel is best suited because of the built in easel supports that other tripods do not have. It is made of anodized aluminum with adjustable height and handy hook for attaching stabilizing weight. It includes a canvas carrying bag with extra pocket. Weighs only 3.5 lbs.
Size: Adjustable 25"H to 68"H

$129.00 each

Plein Air Pastelists – What you have always wanted...is here!

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