"I love my Pastel Porter™!! When I paint en plein air, or in my studio, the portability and ease of set up, is enhanced by the fact that my pastels are always ready and clean for painting."

Urania Christy Tarbet
PSA IAPS Founder/President Emeritus IAPS-MC

"I set (the Pastel Porter™) up ... and organized my pastels in it. Surprise for me - I was carrying around a lot of duplicates and colors I don't use. So I have lots of space for new ones …Thanks so much - I really love it. Now I'll be using it for plein air rather than having my acrylics dry out....

I used the setup a week ago at Meditation Mount in Ojai. It was very easy to carry - very light - even when hiking around searching for a good spot."

Judith Crowe, Thousand Oaks, CA

"...the compact size and sturdiness make it absolutely WONDERFUL for people who don t have a lot of room.

Notice how well it fits into an area where EVERY little nook and cranny is utilized AND it is RIGHT next to my little TV so I can easily play DVD's and paint right along with them. I have NEVER been so happy with my set up as I am now. Besides setting up my
Pastel Porter™! and tripod in the living room and using weights to make sure it was sturdy..., I was thrilled with how easy it is to just pick up the porter and the easel and move to another spot. But the absolute best surprise was that the tripod fits perfectly on my table in my studio when it is collapsed all the way, and is the perfect height for sitting and working. ... I have actually TRIED to bump this set up and it is as sturdy as can be, so I can have it set up and ready to use at all times without having to worry about it.

Thank you so much.... And I can't even BEGIN to say how thrilled I am with your product. EXCELLENT!!!

Melanie McCart
Ridgecrest, CA

"I really have enjoyed the Pastel Porter™. I carried the black case with the easel and my pastel paintings inside on international flights and didn't have any trouble. It fits into most overhead bins, or else the flight attendants put it in one of the closets on the plane.
Thanks again for your great customer service."

Marian Berg
Albuquerque, NM

"I wanted to let you know how much I like the Pastel Porter™! I organized my pastels into the box- about 1/3 of my old box were duplicates, so I had plenty of room! I went Plein Air painting last Friday and it was great to set up and take down faster. I didn't think I would like keeping the pastels in their slots, but found that I like the organization."

Candy Mayer
El Paso, TX

“I wanted to let you know how well the Pastel Porter™ worked for me on my trip to Spain and since. It worked beautifully and I felt like I was setting up and ready to paint before most of the others. It generated a lot of interest and I received many compliments on the Pastel Porter™. It seemed I was never set up on level ground and I really appreciated the adjustable legs on the easel.

I also had no trouble getting through Customs and only had to open the pastel box once as we went through many airport terminals. I appreciated being able to carry all of my favorite pastels together in one box and have all I need where ever I am painting. It was perfect.”

Carolyn Lury
Pojoaque Pastels
Santa Fe, New Mexico

I would like to say its a great product. Extremely lightweight even when loaded, and I'm really surprised at how I can lay out everything on just a small coffee table compared to having all the boxes lying around... Overall, great product! Decent price.

Jason Tay
Republic of Singapore

I'd like to say THANK YOU to Mike Mahon and his Pastel Porter™ (JUMBO)) box that I was lucky enough to win at the North Florida Pastel Society Exhibition recently.

It's a really cool pastel box that allows for a safe transit of pastels while traveling. Nice for plein air painting and for long journeys.

Thank you Mike for making our jobs as pastel painter's a lot easier and more enjoyable!

Cameron Hampton
Madison, Georgia

I am exceedingly pleased with my Pastel Porter™. Now my pastels are not only secure and well-organized, they are clean and ready to use every time.

I paint standing up, but I like the option of turning the porter sideways to allow painting in a seated position--great for the handicapped as well.

Cleanup is so easy. I simply run a sponge brush along the easel support and the detachable metal tray (where most of the dust accumulates) is quickly emptied, replaced and ready to hold the chosen pastels for my next work of art.

Carolyn Dean
Corrales, New Mexico (member PSNM)

I love it (Pastel Porter™). It's made my life so less complicated! Especially going back and forth from Denver to Santa Fe. It's great! I have not painted outside since Taos but I really like it!

Betty Ming Cooper
Golden, Colorado

I am really impressed with it (Pastel Porter™), Usually you order something and it doesn't meet your expectations, but I love this. I can tell you really put a lot of thought and experience into this product.

Susan Koehler
Amityville, New York

Plein Air Pastelists – What you have always wanted...is here!

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